Hard money Loans new york

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no credit check no upfront fees.

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hard money lenders nyc


Hard Money Loan Program

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Great New hard money program
Amount: up to 3 million
Type: Mix Used and Commercial only
Location: NYC only
Acquisition: up to 60% LTV
Re Finance: Up to 50% from the value
Interest: 12% only
Time: up to 3 years
points: only 4
call us for more info: 718-395-3903 or check our web site:


We are looking for deals!

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We have the cash, our investors are looking to finance hard money loans in nyc.
please sent us what ever you have.
also we have investors to buy and finance mortgage bank notes.
call us @ 1-888-262-4452

Closed Hard Money Loan Deal

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*** Closed in 2 weeks ***

280 Suydam Street, Brooklyn NY

6 Family
100k for 3 years

New – JV hard money program

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New hard money program.
we now offer joint adventure hard money loans.
if you have a deal and don’t have any money to put in to it.we have a new jv program with no money down 100% LTV.

For more information please visit our web site: Hard Money Lenders Nyc

New ReHab Hard Money Loan Program

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amazing rehab hard money loan:
up to 90% from the acquisition price
up to 100% from the rehab cost
location: new york and new jersey
Interest: 14%
points: 5-6
contact us for more information about this program or about our other hard money lending programs

New Program

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We have new Rehab Program:
Get hard money to buy re’o and short sale properties, fix and sell it and make money.
80% from the acquisition price.
50% from the rehab.
Max of 50% from the A.R.V price.

For more information please visit our web site: Hard Money Lenders NYC

What is Hard Money and How Does it Work?

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A hard money loan is an asset-based loan secured by property and provided by a private investor. Many of these loans are short-term offers that last for one year or less. Hard money interest rates are usually higher due to the shorter term and most of these loans are applied to projects that last a few months or years. The qualifications for obtaining this type of loan will vary with each lender and loan use.

Hard money lenders will look at the value of the property to figure out if they want to make a loan and which amount they want give. The security for the loan is provided in the property. The lender has to agree with the property value before determining the amount to lend. An appraisal will find out the value. A lender can give out a loan as much as 70 percent of the value.

Benefits of a Hard Money Loan

Hard money lending comes with significant fees and high interest rates compared to regular lending but there are still many benefits. These loans are usually more available to borrow when money is hard to come by compared to regular loans. These loans also require less documentation and will close faster so real estate investors can benefit from deals before others can. Another advantage of this type of loan is it can be used to make money. Some people use foreclosure finance to flip houses and earn significant profit.

Like many other types of loans, people can obtain hard money financing with good or bad credit. Having bad credit is not a risk for some hard money lenders. Some people can obtain one of these loans quickly and it can close in ten days compared to a period of several months with a bank.

Applying for a Loan

People who decide that getting hard money funds will be suitable for them should take the next step and apply. Since it is a loan, the application process is similar to the one for a regular loan. Borrowers will need to fill in all the information about their property and financial situation. Those who include honest, relevant information will secure a deal for a loan package more quickly. The process of obtaining hard money funds will work better if borrowers build stronger relationships with private investors and brokers. Having a well-established relationship will make the process easier in the future.

A hard money borrower should use a loan specialist who can provide financing in a range of areas. Hard Money Lenders Nyc consists of loan specialists who provide short-term mortgages up to $5 million in the state of New York. They also provide hard money, bridge and private mortgage loans. There are numerous foreclosure finance options available that allow people to receive mortgages for purchased and remodeled property.

A hard money loan is a funding option that is very different from a traditional bank loan. The primary factor that most hard money lenders use is the value of the collateralize real estate. Also, this type of loan provides a large variety of fees and interest rates which is why looking around is the most effective way to secure a deal.

For more information please visit our web site: Hard Money Lenders Nyc

Hard Money Lending Terms

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We are hard money loan brokers, short-term mortgage specialists.
We provide short-term mortgages from $250,000 to $5 million.
We provide commercial hard money,private mortgage money and commercial bridge loans
We provide short-term mortgages for purchase and renovation of foreclosed residential property.
We are foreclosure and short sale bridge loan lenders in New York City
We lend in New York State including New York City (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island), and Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island
No application fees,No prepayment penalties
close a deal in cash in as little as 7 business days

Welcome to Hard Money Lenders New York

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Creativity is the concept behind our company, a different kind of lender. where Hard Money Loans are IDEAL loans for buying investment properties, short sale homes and RE’O properties. Most real estate investors are looking for a private hard money lender and fast lending, fast loans from direct lender for your commercial, residential or Foreclosure property